Building solid foundations are key to long-term survival and success




The Shareholders of C&G come from longstanding professional insurance and reinsurance and reinsurance broking backgrounds, most of whom have served the industry at very senior levels:

Mr. Loay M. Al Naqib: Honorary Chairman

Mr. Elie Khattar:  Managing Director

Miss Hala Ghutmy: Director

Mr. Abdul Majid Al Sharif: Director

Mr. Al Naqib held senior positions at ARIG – Bahrain and U.K. for about 20 years following which he was the main founder of “Imperial Fire and Marine Reinsurance Company” and subsequently “Alea” in the U.K.

Mr. Khattar held underwriting positions with Mercantile & General Reinsurance Beirut office for about 12 years and was then the founder of General Reinsurance Services in Beirut before his involvement in C&G

Miss Ghutmy held underwriting positions with Arab Re before joining General Reinsurance Services and after that becoming involved in C&G

Mr. Al Sharif held the position of Libya Insurance company before occupying various underwriting positions in ARIG – Bahrain for more than 20 years and joining C&G as Director in 2012.

Naturally, C&G benefits from its founders’ experience and industry contacts.


Perfection in congruence.

C&G aspires for long term partnerships with our clients and our markets. We always aim to adopt transparency and integrity in our dealings with both clients and reinsurers. We invariably maintain the confidentiality of the information exchanged with all parties and do not forego ethical conduct for material gain. Testimonies from both clients and reinsurers corroborate these values upheld by every member of C&G team.


Building up on solid foundations.

C&G takes pride in striving to be always regarded by its clients as “consultants” rather than ordinary “intermediaries”. By virtue of its professional qualifications and expertise, topped by a deep understanding of the cultures and diversity of the markets in which we operate, C&G team aims at responding by adding technical value to its clients’ needs.

Furthermore, C&G is always concerned to safeguard the interests of its clients by an assiduous attention to details, appropriate advice and conformity of covers.


Work is love made visible (Khalil Gibran).

In an ever-changing and competitive market place, complex situations often arise. In a proactive stance, we try to create bespoke solutions to fit our clients’ needs. In our continuous strive for excellence, we skillfully negotiate, persevere and follow up enquiries for successful outcomes. We do not hesitate to take initiatives necessary to keep the parties to given transactions satisfied.