Treaty Reinsurance Services


The C&G founders and management all come from a professional reinsurer background.

In the course of their regular marketing and technical visits to insurance companies in the Arab region during their previous long professional careers, they have gathered a strong technical and market knowledge. They are therefore well equipped to provide consultancy and advisory services on treaty programmes and structures.

Due to the extensive experience of our team and the diversity of its' specialist knowledge of treaty reinsurance, C&G is well equipped to negotiate treaty arrangements on behalf of its clients.

These include the following types: 

Non-Life Branch

  • Proportional Reinsurance on either a bouquet basis (for non-marine and marine) or single treaties outside the bouquet, depending on our clients’ needs and the merits of the portfolio in the particular class.
  • Motor Treaties on a proportional or non-proportional basis
  • Non-Proportional Treaties (Risk and Catastrophe Covers) within or outside the bouquet

Life Branch

  • Reinsurance is traditionally arranged on a proportional basis for Individual, Group and Credit Life

Medical Branch

  • Proportional or on a non-proportional basis.